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-- Venom

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Venom murders guard Hugh Taylor and escapes the Vault. In Manhattan. Spidey battles Hydro-Man at a construction site, forcing him to flee by combining him with cement. Peter and MJ. back living at May's house, prepare to go out for the evening. Peter spies Nathan with Aunt May's wallet. Later, Peter finds Nathan trying to draw money from an ATM with May's card. Nathan admits that he still has gambling debts. Peter takes May's card but promises to keep Nathan's secret. MJ returns from a modeling job, reporting that the client decided she wasn't the right type. That night. Nathan meets with the gamblers but attacks them with a steak knife, a can of Raid and a bag of flour. Spidey steps in and subdues them. Then Peter returns and tells the men he has photos of them trying to murder a senior citizen. He threatens to turn them over to the district attorney if they don't back off. Afterwards, Peter makes Nathan promise to quit gambling. The next day, however, Nathan buys a dozen lottery tickets. Outside St. Louis, a young couple with a baby gives Eddie Brock a ride to New York.

  • This issue is reprinted in comics and books, see references for more info.[2]

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