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Killer Shrike is robbing an armored truck when Spidey stops him. He escapes as the police arrive. At home, MJ has Mr. Graff change the condo's locks. Pete heads to ESU to register for classes, and meets Anne-Marie Baker, his fellow research assistant, and Dr. Evan Swann, the lab head. When a package arrives, Swann becomes nervous and Peter's spider-sense tingles. After Peter & MJ attend dinner and a movie, Pete returns to ESU as Spidey. There he finds Swann with the Tinkerer who has just completed a new power booster. Just then, Shrike, the Tinkerer's client, crashes in. He tries to take the booster without paying. Anticipating this, the Tinkerer withholds a key component so the booster overloads, knocking Shrike out and covering the Tinkerer's escape. Swann reveals that the Tinkerer blackmailed him by threatening to reveal that he bought his high school diploma. The police take Swann away.

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Is it burglary? Is it blackmail? Or is it both? Spidey's late-night investigation of an Empire State University lab uncovers a high-stakes plot that pits him against both Killer Shrike and the Tinkerer!

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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