Quote1 Evenin' Slick. 'Member me? I'm the Taskmaster! Quote2
-- Taskmaster

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The police examine the Parkers' condo after Peter comes home, finding MJ missing with signs of a struggle. One floor below, Jonathon Caesar keeps MJ prisoner in a hidden room filled with images of her. When he tries to make her comfortable, she slaps him. He hits her back, then explains he arranged for her admission to Bedford Towers so he could eventually marry her. Spidey shakes down hood Chili Bono who tells him there's a new crook in town, talking revenge on Spider-Man. To please Aunt May, Peter honors his Queens book signing commitment. Felicia Hardy tries to get into Bedford Towers, but the doorman turns her away. Following Chili's lead, Spidey goes to a Brooklyn graveyard and encounters an army who think he was hired to portray Spider-Man. He mops them up, discovering their trainer is Taskmaster. Possessed with rage, Spidey fights him, demanding MJ.

The Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 308 003

The Taskmaster faces Spider-man in a graveyard in Brooklyn.

Taskmaster tells him he's never heard of her, then ignites his stashed munitions store and escapes. Back home, Peter paces the balcony unaware that MJ is a captive just below him.

  • This issue features a letters page, The Spider's Web. Letters are published from C.M. Dymmel, Mathew Calhoun, Brian K. Curley, and Joe Allen.
  • The World Trade Center is shown on Page 13.
  • The Empire State Building is shown on Page 9.

Solicit Synopsis:

Mary Jane is missing! And the web-slinger finds more than he bargained for when his hunt for his wife leads him smack into the Taskmaster!

  • The word kidnapped is incorrectly spelled "kidnaped" on the front cover.

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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