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A fan recognizes MJ, asking for an autograph but thinks Peter is Irving Sprinkle from RS. 62. Back home, Jonathon Caesar stops by and Pete gets a little jealous. Caesar returns home where he has a shrine dedicated to MJ. In Chicago, Peter and Ginny Edwards head to a book signing. Meanwhile, William Dukane heads home, where the real Dukane is held captive. The arriving Dukane turns into the Chameleon. Peter arrives at the Science Expo, where Chameleon's gunmen start a diversion. As Chameleon abducts Dr. Edmund Debevic disguised as police Captain Turner. Spidey appears and slops the gunmen. Chameleon handcuffs Debevic and takes his place, planning to distribute his formulas to foreign powers. Spidey intervenes but Chameleon eventually escapes. At the Bedford Towers, Caesar and his hired thugs await MJ in her condo. He tells her what he wants is what he now has: her.

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Chicago! Spider-Man versus the Chameleon! And Mary Jane— kidnapped!

During his escape, Chameleon passes in front of a movie theatre where Rambo III is featured.

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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