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Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 306


Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 306

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Appearing in "Humbugged!"Edit

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Synopsis for "Humbugged!"Edit

Back in New York, Spidey spurns a TV news crew trying to ask him about Peter's photo book, Webs. Elsewhere, Buck Mitty plans his revenge as Humbug. At Bedford Towers, Jonathon Caesar brings MJ a huge bouquet and invites her and Peter to his party. Black Cat drops in on Pete's old place, only to learn that he has moved. Peter and MJ go to Cleveland for a book signing while in Chicago, "Roland Carson" enters William Dukane's office, drugs him and changes to look just like Dukane. Trying to gain revenge on ESU, Humbug accidentally breaks into a girls' locker room. Reminded that he hasn't filed for his assistantship grant, Peter races to ESU, where he runs into Humbug and defeats him by threatening to destroy his beloved bugs. MJ and Peter attend Caesar's party. Caesar promises himself he'll soon possess MJ. In Chicago, "Dukane" reveals himself to two men as the Chameleon.

The cover is an homage to DC's Action Comic #1, the first appearance of Superman.

Solicit Synopsis:

  • Once, Empire State University cut off the funding for his insect research. Now, Humbug's back to take his revenge! And lurking in the background is one of Spidey's oldest foes! Plus, to top it all off, what are the sinister Jonathan Caesar's evil intentions toward Mary Jane?

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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