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Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 305


Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 305

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Appearing in "Westward Woe!"Edit

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Synopsis for "Westward Woe!"Edit

As the Prowler, Hobie Brown, confronts Black Fox, Spidey signs autographs at the gala. After swinging off, he breaks in on the two burglars. As the Fox escapes, Prowler tells Spidey the Valencia Chalice is the key to keeping his wife out of prison, mentioning Transcorp. Spidey agrees to meet Prowler at his hotel room the next day but finds him checked out. Pete has a book signing, then appears on the Tonight Show. Because of Hobie's reference to them, Spidey heads to the Transcorp building and finds Prowler, who explains that his wife Mindy is a Transcorp bookkeeper, set up as a patsy with a separate set of books to cover shady stock deals with the real books stashed on a microchip disguised as a jewel on the Valencia Chalice. Prowler and Spidey eavesdrop and learn the Fox is at the Long Beach Docks, then defeat the Transcorp agents pursuing him. Spidey grabs the Fox who swears on his mother's grave to go straight. Spidey lets him go but confiscates the Chalice. The microchip proves Transcorp corruption and Mindy's innocence. On a plane, the Fox knows his mother will get a laugh at his method for escaping Spider-Man.

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    Solicit Synopsis:
  • The Black Fox has stolen a valuable chalice. And if the wall-crawling wonder can't recover it, his wife will die!

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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