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Mr. Wilton of WiltonBooks tells Peter he has the rights, from JJJ, to publish a book of his Daily Bugle Spidey photos. He wants Peter to tour with the book, and will pay $25,000 in royalties. Peter tells MJ the tour begins in LA and she decides to join him. In Beverly Hills, the Black Fox takes up residence in the vacationing Mr. & Mrs. Osgood Hempstead's empty mansion. Outside their apartment, MJ & Pete meet Bedford Towers owner Jonathan Caesar. In LA, Ginny Edwards meets Pete & MJ.

The Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 304 004

The Black Fox in action.

She has arranged invitations to a charity gala showcasing the Valencia Chalice, a priceless artifact recently discovered by Transcorp but first they go to Disneyland. That evening at the gala, Pete spots the Black Fox who steals the Chalice. Spidey pursues him but accidentally wanders back into the party. MJ covers, introducing him as a special guest of the book tour. As the Fox prepares to depart, the Prowler appears, demanding the Chalice for himself.

  • Came out in Early September

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Peter Parker's book of Spider-Man photos is hitting the stores, and Peter's off touring the country to promote it! But fun turns to danger when the web-stinger encounters that gentleman thief, the Black Fox, in sunny California!

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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