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  • Head Doctor
  • Sally Salins

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After the Arranger commits Vicky Gibbs to the Mad Dog Ward, a hospital wing reserved for hardcore mental cases, to preserve her husband Frank's Kingpin employment, Spider-Man steps in to help her children Tanya and Jacob but is knocked out outside the hospital. Believing Spider-Man is one of their patients, orderlies strip him of his costume and take him to the Mad Dog Ward. There, Peter is doped up for days only occasionally able to remember why he's there. Zero, a patient who believes he is a super hero, befriends him. Later, Peter convinces Mary, an orderly, to take him to see Vicky Gibbs. At her home, Tanya and Jacob turn on Frank. In a Mad Dog lab, the Head Doctor and Sally Salins experiment on patient MD 2020, turning him into the perfect Kingpin enforcer. The doctor can't wait to work on patient 336 who he realizes is actually Spider-Man. Incensed by a demonstration using a strait-jacketed dummy, Peter starts a patient insurrection but the staff successfully sedates them all. The Head Doctor decides to perform a lobotomy on Zero.

Story continued from Web of Spider-Man #33 and it ends in Peter Parker, the Spectacular Spider-Man #133

Solicit Synopsis:

Part 2 of the Story begun in this month's WEB OF SPIDER-MAN: What would you do if you were Spider-Man but nobody believed you? Peter Parker's going to have to find the answer if he's ever going to get out of the Kingpin's insane asylum in "Mad Dogs!"

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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