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Quote1 So now I see through the Spider's eyes. I wear the Spider's skin. I crawl. Now -- I am the Spider. Quote2
-- Kraven the Hunter

Appearing in "Crawling"Edit

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:




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Synopsis for "Crawling"Edit

After burying Spider-Man in the ground, Kraven dons a copy of Spider-Man's costume. On the rainy streets of New York, Vermin claims the life of a young woman. Mary Jane waits for her newlywed husband and becomes worried. Kraven, calling himself "the Spider," jumps across the buildings of New York, seeking to become a "better" Spider-Man. To complete his metamorphosis with the Spider, Kraven drinks from a "sacred essence" of herbs and roots.

Vermin sees a picture of Spider-Man on the newspaper and starts to remember how the masked vigilante humiliated him. Vermin decides to come out of hiding, but retreats at the sight of a spider. Mary Jane goes out to search for her husband. Two men street call her names and run after her. The Spider saves her by brutally attacking the two men, although MJ realizes this "Spider-Man" is not Peter.

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See AlsoEdit

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