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  • Lieutenant Eden (Only appearance)[1]




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As Peter checks into a Pittsburgh hotel, Smythe oversees the packing of crates containing his Slayer into a Pittsburgh-bound airplane. Peter arrives at Gayle's house. There, MJ introduces him to the man who surprised her: her father, Philip. MJ tells Peter that Philip persuaded Gayle to steal a rare manuscript from Duquesne University. Spotted on security cameras, Gayle was jailed. Philip, however, still wants the manuscript. MJ tells Philip she'll help. At the jail, Pete convinces Gayle to reveal the manuscript is hidden in a Duquesne basement lab. As Pete and MJ retrieve it, Smythe attacks. While the Slayer holds Spidey underwater, MJ crashes her car into one of its extended legs, causing it to lose its grip, and crush her car. Soon after, MJ again saves Spidey by hitting the Slayer with a baseball bat. When Smythe grabs her, an enraged Spidey tears the Slayer apart. Back at Gayle's, MJ gives Philip the manuscript, gets him to admit he arranged the theft, and cues the police, who arrest him. Gayle is released on bail, having been told she'll get a suspended sentence. At the Pittsburgh airport, MJ accepts Peter's marriage proposal.

Solicit Synopsis:

A frantic plea for help from Mary Jane Watson in Pittsburgh plunges Peter Parker into the middle of a traumatic family crisis and Spider-Man into a city-spanning fight for his life against the Spider Slayer! Plus: Mary Jane Watson gives her answer to Peter Parker's proposal of marriage!

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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