Quote1 I do feel lucky. Very lucky, ... indeed! Quote2
-- Alistaire Smythe

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MJ says "no" to Pete's proposal, adding that she has to visit her sister, Gayle, in Pittsburgh. As Peter helps her to her cab, a van unleashes a new Spider-Slayer that smashes its way into MJ's now-uninhabited apartment. It turns around and leaves. Back at his lab, Alistaire Smythe extracts himself from within the Spider-Slayer. Wheelchair-bound after his last Spidey encounter, he sends out flying spy-eyes and locates the web-slinger at his home. Meanwhile, MJ arrives at her sister's house, meets her nephews, and learns Gayle is in prison. When MJ visits, Gayle quickly rejects her.
Back in New York city, Smythe attacks and overpowers Spidey, spraying him with a tracer chemical at a construction site, but a bulldozer operator rescues him and Smythe flees. In Pittsburgh, MJ returns to her sister's house to find someone waiting for her. As Smythe tracks Spidey via his tracer gas, MJ calls Peter, begging him to join her. He goes to Kennedy Airport, followed by Smythe, who misses Pete's Pittsburgh plane but buys a ticket for next morning's flight.

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Solicit Synopsis:

Mary Jane Watson's life is in turmoil— and Peter Parker is the cause! While Mary Jane tries to sort out what she will do next, Spider-Man finds himself face-to-face with a deadly new Spider-Slayer!

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