Quote1 Blast it Mary Jane, this can't wait! All I need is a yes or no: will you marry me? Quote2
-- Peter Parker

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There's something missing in Spidey's life but he can't figure out what. At a Times Square renovation dedication, a man calling himself the Preserver holds a gun on Mayor Koch demanding he not raze the classic buildings. Spidey webs his gun away. Koch tells the Preserver the buildings are safe, then tells the also-present JJJ to write a positive story about Spidey's help. Still feeling unfulfilled. Peter visits MJ, then Aunt May, where he learns she mistakenly donated his microscope to the church bazaar. Peter goes to ask Father Curtis for it back, but learning it is a prized auction item, lets it go. There, Max, head of the street watch group Heaven's Angels, helps guard the valuable Judah Scepter, on display at the church. Pete switches to Spidey to pursue three thieves: a planned distraction to allow Max to steal the scepter. Spidey intervenes but Max escapes to a construction site and takes a young boy. Billy, hostage. Spidey beans Max with two paint cans, freeing Billy. The police catch Max's cohorts while Pete returns and buys the microscope. Realizing his unease revolves around emphasizing Spidey's needs over Peter's, he begins his "new life" by asking MJ to marry him.

The microscope Aunt May gave away was actually left at his Uncle Ben's gravesite by Peter years ago, and was picked up by a cemetery worker who brought it home to give to his son (Amazing Spider-Man #181).

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With the menace of the Hobgoblin finished, Spider-Man's life is back on track. Not even the Preserver can ruin Spidey's renewed dedication to be Spider-Man. But what of the wall-crawler's alter-ego, Peter Parker? His life now seems more meaningless than ever!

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