Quote1 Happy New Year gentlemen. You're all fired. (To his henchmen) Kill them all. Quote2
-- Kingpin

Appearing in "Gang War Rages On! Gang War: Part V (The Conclusion)"Edit

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Synopsis for "Gang War Rages On! Gang War: Part V (The Conclusion)"Edit

The gang war seems to settle down as the Kingpin has returned to take over his operations. As Spider-Man and his allies are trying to figure out their next move, they are attacked by two of Kingpin's goons. Betty returns home to find the Hobgoblin beating on Flash and she faints when she sees Hobby's face. Hobgoblin and Jack O' Lantern clash. Kingpin confronts his son and rival mob boss, the Rose. Kingpin calls a meeting of all of his lieutenants and is preparing to have them gunned down when Spider-Man, Daredevil and the Falcon intervene. Spider-Man shouts it out with the Kingpin but it is Daredevil who has the last word.

This issue contains a letters page, The Spider's Web. Letters are published from Greg Welch, Jim Tudor, Michael Shavalier, Paul Thiel, Kim Lee, Steve Farrow, Luiz Mendoza, Brian Connor,Todd Oberndoffer, Alex Pogel,, Joshua Terrell and Michael Reis.

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