Quote1 My life would be a lot easier without us locking horns! But I'm not trying to do the easy thing but the right thing! And that's why the Kingpin must be allowed to return. Quote2
-- Daredevil (Matt Murdock)

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Spider-Man searches Hell's Kitchen for Daredevil to confront him about the flubbed midnight meeting that kept the web slinger out of a big chapter of the gang war. He doesn't find Matt but ends up facing a drug den full of kids. No one is more surprised than Peter when Matt shows up for lunch at Aunt May's. The pair have a shouting match in the back of a cab that eventually comes to blows.

The Hobgoblin catches one of Richard's men bugging the Kingpin's building. Lance contacts Peter and tells him that the Kingpin is coming back to town under heavy police protection. Spider-Man stops the Kingpin's car and begins to battle the mob boss only to discover that it is actually Daredevil dressed in a fat suit. The two heroes duel until Daredevil appears to save Spider-Man's life from a bullet (a set-up courtesy of a police officer and the Falcon).

Daredevil assures Spider-Man that they will take the Kingpin down but they will do it legally through proper channels. Not only that, but their little fracas has allowed the Kingpin to be secreted home safely by a different route. Kingpin meets the Hobgoblin who provides him a folder with the true identity of the Rose. Kingpin tells the Arranger to dispose of the folder unopened because he already knows who the Rose is and is preparing to take him down.

  • This story is Part IV of the event "'Gang War"'.
  • This issue contains a letters page, The Spider's Web. Letters are published from Thanaves Sira, Matthew Manichi, Sean Meagher, Jeffrey L. Bryson, Tim Dwyer and Phillip Weetman.

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