Peter Parker (Earth-616) with Venom (Symbiote) (Earth-616) for the first time
What's the difference between you and them?!
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Original Sin Vol 1 4 Dell'Otto Variant Textless
The Punisher
The difference is I'm right and they're dead!
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Appearing in "Gang War, Part II: The Arranger Must Die!"Edit

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Synopsis for "Gang War, Part II: The Arranger Must Die!"Edit

Hammerhead, who survived the restaurant bomb, offers the Rose second-in-command if he supports his leadership bid. The Rose promises to consider it, then learns the Blue Boys have attacked his gambling den. Spider-Man joins that battle but, when the Punisher shoots two Blue Boys, pursues the vigilante instead, webbing him to a chimney. As Spider-Man sees to the wounded, Punisher escapes. Hobgoblin, his costume apparently protecting him from Punisher's bullets (ASM #284, '87), prowls the city. Jack O'Lantern attacks a business withholding Kingpin's protection money but Hammerhead ambushes him. Outgunned, he flees. As the Kingpin's men get antsy, the Arranger meets with Richard Fisk, the Kingpin's son. At the Bugle, Peter eavesdrops as Ned tells Robbie he's investigating a story involving Soviet Cold War spy activities, and Ben Urich informs Robbie that Hammerhead put out a contract on the Arranger, who arranges a meeting of the Kingpin's top lieutenants. The Rose attends. The Punisher tries to end it all with a bazooka shot but Spider-Man stops him. In the ensuing bedlam, Moe, an Arranger man who betrayed him to Hammerhead, tries to kill his boss but is simultaneously blasted by Jack O'Lantern and Hobgoblin. Their respective bosses order the men to shake hands. Outside, the Punisher gasses Spider-Man and departs.

  • Plot by DeFalco, script by Owsley.
  • No letters page is published this issue.

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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