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Spider-man fights Titania after she stole jewelry and was defeating the cops. She is deeply scared by the wallcrawler so escapes. But Spidey seeks her and sees Titania meeting his fiancé, Crusher Creel the Absorbing man in a quite expensive hotel. Since he does not feel strong enough to beat both villains, he simply calls the Avengers, who send the Wasp to the hotel but Titania and Creel are not there. In another hotel, Titania hesitates but finally explains Creel that she fought Spidey and escaped due to her fear. They are there on behalf of the Masters of Evil. Their mission is to pick up a new member for the team at La Guardia airport, but Spidey meets them there and the Absorbing man acts as if he is injured to make Titania confront her fear. She does, and ends up fighting Spider-Man, proving that she (at least temporarily) has conquered her phobia. In the end, Absorbing Man ends the battle by capturing a plane full of civilians, and threatening to harm them unless Spidey surrenders. Spidey, seeing no other choice, accepts defeat, and leaves the airport feeling miserable.

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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