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At Coney Island, Spidey and Sable battle the Beetle, Boomerang, Rhino, Hydro-Man and Speed Demon. Declaring themselves the Sinister Syndicate, the villains admit Jack O'Lantern hired them. Spidey was there working together with Silver Sale to catch Jack O'Lantern because she is paying him some thousands of dollars that Peter plans to use in Flash's defense.

Meanwhile, Sha Shan visits Flash and tells him she is not testifying for him at court. She even stumbles upon Betty Brant Leeds, who is also visiting Flash. Later on, Betty meets his husband at their home's door. Ned leaves Betty over Flash. Jason Macendale offers his services to the Kingpin, who turns him down. At Kingsley Ltd, Roderick Kingsley is apparently working with the Hobgoblin. Macendale offers his services to the Rose.

Again at Coney Island. Spidey injures his arm while Sable sprains both ankles. He takes her to the Cyclone roller coaster for safety but the villains smash it down, drawing the attention of the reformed Sandman, out for a stroll. Mary Jane runs into the Hobgoblin's civilian identity; someone she knows. Spidey and Sable dig out of the Cyclone's rubble, finding themselves surrounded by the Sinister Syndicate.

And Mary Jane meets the Hobgoblin in his secret identity, event that means she knew him.

  • Credits: layouts by Frenz, pencils and inks by Breeding.
  • This issue is reprinted in Marvel Tales #288 and the trade Spider-Man vs. Silver Sable.


Solicit Synopsis:

What do you do when a gang of super-villains gets together to make a lot of money out of crime? If you're Silver sable, Inc., which makes its money catching crooks, you hire Spider-Man! But will even Spidey be enough to stop Hydroman, Speed Demon, the Beetle, Boomerang and the rampaging Rhino?

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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