Appearing in "Make Way for Slyde!"Edit

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Slyde (First appearance)
  • Rockwall (Only Appearance)[1]
  • Max (Only Appearance)[1]

Other Characters:

  • Andy (Security Guard) (Only Appearance)[1]
  • Jerry (Police Officer) (Only Appearance)[1]
  • Phil (Police Officer) (Only Appearance)[1]
  • Ben Parker (Only in flashback)




  • None

Synopsis for "Make Way for Slyde!"Edit

As Slyde robs a bank, Spider-Man fights some thugs, trying to find out who beat up Nathan Lubensky. Encountering the fleeing Slyde, Spider-Man webs him, but nothing can stick to Slyde's costume. As Slyde escapes, Spider-Man spots a store window mannequin, momentarily thinking it's the Beyonder. Peter visits Nate in the hospital, but he is uncommunicative. At Beemont, Slyde trashes his old lab, then snatches Rockwall's briefcase. Within it, Slyde finds a file proving Rockwall is laundering mob money. He contacts Rockwall, demanding $25,000. Still investigating Nathan's mugging, Spider-Man stumbles on some thugs hired by Rockwall and learns of the money exchange site. There, Spider-Man captures Rockwall. District Attorney Blake Tower arrives, revealing that Slyde made a deal with him to entrap Rockwall. Slyde reneges, grabs the $25,000 and escapes. Meanwhile, in New Mexico an American Indian shaman informs his nephew Thomas Fireheart that the moment for which he gained his Puma powers has come. He must team with Spider-Man to battle the Beyonder.

  • Frenz and Rubinstein draw, uncredited, the last two pages.

Solicit Synopsis:

His name is Slyde. He's out for revenge! Why? Against whom? And how can Spider-Man stop him when nothing— not even his web— can stick to Slyde?

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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