Appearing in "Jump For My Love Or Spring Is In The Air"Edit

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


  • Various Thugs (Only Appearance)[1]

Other Characters:

  • Bambi (Peter Parker's neighbor)




  • None

Synopsis for "Jump For My Love Or Spring Is In The Air"Edit

Spider-Man grabs a suicide jumper in mid-air, telling him he'll be his friend. Weeks later, Spidey helps defuse a hostage situation, assisted by the suicide jumper, the Toad, who declares himself the web-slinger's partner. Spidey ditches him, offering a next day meeting as compensation. At Josie's bar, Toad drops the meeting time to 47 underworld customers who plan to kill Spider-Man. The Fabulous Frog-Man, tailing him, overhears. On his building's roof. Peter encounters Bambi who tells him the best way to get rid of someone unwanted is to match him up with someone else. At the appointment site, Frog-Man warns Spidey he's been set up. Toad arrives, intending to save the day against the seriously hungover gunmen, only 9 of whom show up. As Toad and Frog-Man fight, Spidey mops up the gunmen. When the Spectacular Spider-Kid steps in, Toad and Frog-Man team up against him. with all three winding up in a heap. When Spidey states, "you three misfits deserve each other," the trio team up as The Misfits. Later, Peter meets Bambi on the roof, tells her he took her advice, and enjoys the sunset with her.

  • This issue marks the formation of the appropriately-named Misfits team.

Solicit Synopsis:

The Toad, one Of the original members of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, is back! He, Frog-Man, and Spider-Kid triple-team Spidey in one of the most off-beat stories of the year!

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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