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The police break up Andre Bouillon's deal with the Black Fox, forcing the jewel thief to flee. Silver Sable's crew pursues, firing at him with mercy bullets. At the hospital, Harry reveals his son's name: Norman Harry Osborn. Spidey interferes with the gunmen, allowing the Fox to escape. Lieutenant Keating berates Spidey for interfering with an official NYPD/Symkarian government joint operation. At the Symkarian Embassy, Silver Sable's Uncle Morty frets at the way Sable has turned the Wild Pack, her father's Nazi hunting operation, into a bounty hunting organization. Sable casually tells him they must change with the times, then just as casually thwarts an attempt on her life. May decides to call Peter but can't get through since he is simultaneously calling her. With his costume dirty, Pete dons the black suit, hitches a ride with a Wild Pack helicopter, and rescues the Fox from a mercy bullet barrage. After the Fox relates a sob story, Spidey helps him leave the country but lifts the Fox's stolen jewels first, giving them to Sable to collect the reward. Later, Peter visits May. They each admit they've missed the other.

  • This issue is reprinted in the trade Spider-Man vs. Silver Sable.

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The bounty-hunter organization Silver Sable, Inc. always gets their man — dead or alive! They've set their sights on the crook called Fox, and Spidey must do everything he can to save him!

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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