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Red 9, a cocky teenager in a super-powered suit, attacks Spider-Man. They crash into a hospital room, knocking Red unconscious. There, patient "Pops" Magee insists Spider-Man clean up the mess. Hospital administrator Dr. Rattamun, sick of Pops, plans on taking advantage of a computer glitch declaring Pops dead to kick him out at 5 p.m., and Spider-Man promises to straighten the mess out. Peter runs the gauntlet from Social Security office to Medicare office to Staten Island's Silver Lake Golf Course where Judge Benjamin Handley declares Pops alive again. Returning, Spider-Man again encounters Red 9 who left the hospital in spite of a diagnosis of walking pneumonia. He reveals his suit was stolen from his Uncle Steve who built it for NASA. During their fight, Pops' court papers are destroyed. Furious, Spider-Man tears Red's suit off, drops him at the hospital and gets a duplicate order from the judge but crashes into Pops' room 15 minutes late. Fortunately, Red 9 tied Dr. Rattamun up, preventing him from evicting Pops before Spider-Man's arrival. Pops shows his gratitude by making Spider-Man clean up his latest mess.

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Spider-Man's been hunted by hoods, chased by super-villains and hounded almost from the first day he donned his mask by publisher J. Jonah Jameson! But now he's in trouble — big trouble — because there's a new threat in town! It's Silver Sable, Inc. — the bounty hunter organization that uses super heroes to catch their quarry! They want to put their name on the map, and Spider-Man is just the catch that will do it!

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