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Ollie Osnick patrols the city as the Spectacular Spider-Kid making enemies of muggers Matt and Eddie, two Blazing Skull members. Spider-Man and Black Cat have a spat over her Kingpin-derived bad luck powers. At school, Brad Rossi taunts Ollie but Jane Lane tells Brad she won't date a bully. At the hospital, Liz goes into labor but has trauma-induced complications. Back home, his costume soaking in the sink, Spidey dons the black suit sewed by the Cat (PPSSM #99, '85). Ollie signals Spidey and offers himself as his sidekick. Spidey turns him down. Hurt, Ollie flees. Jane and the Blazing Skulls each spot him. The Skulls corner Ollie and Jane together but, as Ollie stands up to them, Spidey, unseen by the couple, scares the Skulls into fleeing. Jane thinks Ollie was wonderful. He promises to hang up his webs for her. At the hospital, the doctors perform a Caesarean. Liz and her new son are both fine. At the school, Spidey publicly displays his friendship with Ollie who cozies up with Jane. Brad doesn't like it but he's not messing with Spider-Man's pal.

  • Norman "Normie" Harold Osborn is born in this issue but, he is not named until issue #265.
  • This issue is reprinted in comics and books, see references for more info.[2]

Solicit Synopsis:

This one's really different! A kid worships super-villains and at long last he attains his heart's desire — the chance to impersonate Spider-Man! See what that does to Spidey's less than reputable reputation — and more — in "The Spectacular Spider-Kid!"

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