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The Hobgoblin's Battle Wagon is hauled from the Hudson River and Peter Parker takes some photos of it. Later on, the van is robbed by Jack O'Lantern's men to repair some electronic circuits that would make it accessible via remote control.

Jason Macendale Jr. (Earth-616) from Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 254 001

Jack O'lantern.

While Peter Parker is in the Daily Bugle, he finds out about Jack O'Lantern's robbery and as Spider-Man searches for one of the Spider-tracers he had put in the van during his battle with the Hobgoblin. In the meantime Nathan Lubensky arranges a meeting between Peter and his Aunt May at Gino's restaurant, but Peter does not show because he is fighting Jack O'lantern.

Spider-Man fights Jack O'lantern but during the fight the van activates and goes to where the Hobgoblin is hiding. Jack O'lantern eventually escapes and Peter rushes to Gino's. But Aunt May left hours before, although Nathan stayed just to say Peter that he is deeply disappointed.

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