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Copper-Age, Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1, Jim Shooter/Editor-in-Chief, John Romita Jr./Cover Artist, Daniel Green/Cover Artist, Roger Stern/Writer, John Romita Jr./Penciler, Daniel Green/Inker, Bob Sharen/Colourist, Joe Rosen/Letterer, Tom DeFalco/Editor, Danny Fingeroth/Editor, Peter Parker (Earth-616)/Appearances, Uatu (Earth-616)/Appearances, Felicia Hardy (Earth-616)/Appearances, John Jonah Jameson (Earth-616)/Appearances, Mary Jane Watson (Earth-616)/Appearances, Victor von Doom (Earth-616)/Minor Appearances, Carl Creel (Earth-616)/Minor Appearances, Albert Malik (Earth-616)/Minor Appearances, Otto Octavius (Earth-616)/Minor Appearances, Klaus Voorhees (Earth-616)/Minor Appearances, Loki Laufeyson (Earth-616)/Minor Appearances, Roderick Kingsley (Earth-616)/Minor Appearances, Adrian Toomes (Earth-616)/Minor Appearances, Cain Marko (Earth-616)/Minor Appearances, Sergei Kravinoff (Earth-616)/Minor Appearances, Georges Batroc (Earth-616)/Minor Appearances, Dormammu (Earth-616)/Minor Appearances, Kl'rt (Earth-616)/Minor Appearances, Cary Grant (Earth-616)/Minor Appearances, Lance Bannon (Earth-616)/Minor Appearances, Marla Madison (Earth-616)/Minor Appearances, Gayle Watson (Earth-616)/Minor Appearances, Morris Sloan (Earth-616)/Minor Appearances, May Reilly (Earth-616)/Minor Appearances, Nathan Lubensky (Earth-616)/Minor Appearances, Avengers (Earth-616)/Minor Appearances, Monica Rambeau (Earth-616)/Minor Appearances, Steven Rogers (Earth-616)/Minor Appearances, Anthony Stark (Earth-616)/Minor Appearances, Janet van Dyne (Earth-616)/Minor Appearances, Fantastic Four (Earth-616)/Minor Appearances, Jonathan Storm (Earth-616)/Minor Appearances, Susan Storm (Earth-616)/Minor Appearances, Reed Richards (Earth-616)/Minor Appearances, Benjamin Grimm (Earth-616)/Minor Appearances, Earth/Appearances, United States of America/Appearances, New York State/Appearances, New York City/Appearances, Manhattan/Appearances, Lenox Hill/Appearances, New York Hospital/Appearances, Daily Bugle Building/Appearances, Fifth Avenue/Appearances, Avengers Mansion/Appearances, Web-Shooters/Appearances, Spider-Man's Belt Camera/Minor Appearances, Doctor Doom's Armor/Minor Appearances, Absorbing Man's Ball and Chain/Minor Appearances, Doctor Octopus' Tentacles/Minor Appearances, Captain America's Shield/Minor Appearances, Captain America's Uniform/Minor Appearances, Iron Man Armor Model 4/Minor Appearances, Vulture's Wings/Minor Appearances, Goblin Glider/Minor Appearances

Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 246


Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 246

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Appearing in "The Daydreamers!"Edit

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Synopsis for "The Daydreamers!"Edit

Cary Grant as Spider-Man

Cary Grant as Spider-Man

The Watcher presents a tale which involves Spider-Man and his friends daydreaming.

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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