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Mary Jane Watson has walked into Peter Parker's apartment to find him in the arms of Amy Powell. Just as she is introduced to everyone, Lance Bannon walks into the apartment and Amy walks off in anger. Peter tells Lance to go and settle things with Amy and he does. Peter and Mary Jane have a little talk and after she leaves, Peter has dinner and changes into costume. He takes a piece of shrapnel which was left from the trap set for him last issue and takes it to Curt Connors at his lab is E.S.U. so he can analyze it. Morris Sloan then walks into the lab while Curt and Spider-Man are there with the recently marked first year final papers and Spidey manages to see that he has got an A on the test. Spider-Man jumps out of the lab and jumps about the city in delight while Amy and Lance talk in a coffee shop and reconcile with each other. Meanwhile, Spidey is thinking about second year studies when he learns about a hostage situation in the Our Lady Of Grace Chapel. Spider-Man manages to reach the church, slip in unnoticed and take care of the armed men without them seeing him. Later Spider-Man visits Felicia Hardy in hospital where she calls him 'tiger' and makes him think of Mary Jane's earlier visit. He then leaves and swings around the city for a couple hours and thinks about how to get the money for Felicia's hospital bills and how second year studies is really going to cut into his time as Spider-Man. In the morning, Roger Hochberg walks in on Peter at E.S.U. and Peter hands him his notes and announces he is leaving E.S.U. before walking out the room. Peter is then handed a letter saying that he can continue to study but Peter crumples it up and throws it behind him.

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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