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Peter Parker visits the Empire State University to see his grades in order to know if he will be able to keep on studying Biophysics or not. But Dr Sloan tells him he has not the grades still so Peter leaves and is confronted by Lance Bannon who explains him his girlfriend, Amy Powell, and him had a fight and now she is trying to use Peter to make Lance jealous. Peter decides to meet Amy and Lance in his apartment to put an end to that.

Meanwhile the Mad Thinker transfers his conscience to an android body he has in Manhattan and knows about the recent battle between an android of him and Spider-man which happened in New Hampshire recently (in Marvel Team-up 129). He decides to send another android to fight Spider-man to find out if Spidey's Spider-sense is a fact or an invention.

The fight between Spider-man and the Android ends with the victory of Spider-man and the self-destruction of the android, and the Mad Thinker deciding to investigate more on the Spider-sense in order to replicate it in new androids.

And back in Peter Parker's apartment in Chelsea Amy makes her appearance by surprise and kisses Peter just when Mary Jane Watson arrives at the apartment also by surprise!

The story continues in the next issue.

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