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Cobra's lonely crime career after leaving his partnership with Mr Hyde is not less than a success: he lives in a Manhattan's Central Park penthouse and commits just a few steals to keep his fortune growing up.

Peter Parker at his apartment finishes two new Spidey suits. Soon he leaves to patrol the city while Ned Leeds meets Marla Madison and J.J.J at the Daily Bugle to keep on with their investigation on the Roxxon Oil company. They leave the Bugle to meet one informant in a 11th Avenue bar. Ned's wife, Betty, reads in his husband's notebook the address of their meeting with the informant and gets scared so that she calls to the ESU lab where Peter and Roger are carrying on an experiment and explains her fear to him.

When the experiment succeeds Peter rushes to Maxie's (the bar where Ned and Marla are meeting the informant). Trouble is Cobra gets to the same bar disguised and sees the informant talking with Ned and he assumes that Norton is talking about him. So Cobra attacks Norton in front of Ned and Marla and Spidey appears too. In the following fight Spidey beats Cobra and captures him but suddenly Mr Hyde shows seeking vengeance on Cobra!

Meanwhile Mr Hyde runs the city to find Cobra.

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  • This issue marks Spider-Man's 20th anniversary.

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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