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in: Comics, 1982, 1982, July Bronze-Age, Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1, Jim Shooter/Editor-in-Chief, John Romita Jr./Cover Artist, Al Milgrom/Cover Artist, Roger Stern/Writer, John Romita Jr./Penciler, Jim Mooney/Inker, Glynis Oliver-Wein/Colourist, Joe Rosen/Letterer, Tom DeFalco/Editor, Peter Parker (Earth-616)/Appearances, Daily Bugle (The DB!) (Earth-616)/Appearances, John Jonah Jameson (Earth-616)/Appearances, Joseph Robertson (Earth-616)/Appearances, Elizabeth Brant (Earth-616)/Appearances, Gloria Grant (Earth-616)/Appearances, Cain Marko (Earth-616)/Appearances, Thomas Cassidy (Earth-616)/Appearances, Cassandra Webb (Earth-616)/Appearances, Lance Bannon (Earth-616)/Appearances, Amy Powell (Earth-616)/Appearances, Charles Snow (Earth-616)/Appearances, Bill Morris (Earth-616)/Appearances, Roxxon Energy Corporation (Earth-616)/Appearances, Earth/Appearances, United States of America/Appearances, New York State/Appearances, New York City/Appearances, Manhattan/Appearances, Daily Bugle Building/Appearances, Meatpacking District/Appearances, Hudson River/Appearances, Lenox Hill/Appearances, New York Hospital/Appearances, Web-Shooters/Appearances, Spider-Man's Belt Camera/Appearances

Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 230


Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 230

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Appearing in "To Fight the Unbeatable Foe!"Edit

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  • Black Tom's Yacht
  • Gasoline Truck

Synopsis for "To Fight the Unbeatable Foe!"Edit

This issue concludes the story involving Spider-Man's attempt to stop the Unstoppable Juggernaut!

While Madame Web's life hangs on the line, Spider-Man does virtually everything he can to stop Juggernaut who continues his rampage through New York City. Through a combination of tactics, Spider-Man is at last able to thwart Juggernaut's forward progress in a concrete way.

Afterwards Peter Parker visits the Bugle to leave his photographs of the fight between Spider-man and Juggernaut. Robbie shows them to Lance Bannon, who wasn't able to shoot any, and right after that Peter visits Madame Web at the hospital and she seems not to remember him or Spider-man. The doctor tells Spider-man that the minutes Madame Web spent disconnected of her life-support system might have erased her memories of him.

  • This issue is reprinted in comics and books, see references for info.[2]

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks
  2. This story is reprinted in the following comics/TPB's:

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