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Lou Caldwell and Sam (last name unknown) are two F.B.I. agents who investigate unsolved cases on their own seeking a promotion. Now they are under Greg Salinger, the one they suspect is the second incarnation of the Foolkiller. But the Foolkiller just sent Lou a letter announcing him he is going to kill him, and that's what happens immediately. Later Peter is lecturing a class of Chemistry 101 in the ESU and when he finishes Greg Salinger appears and tells him his administrative trouble keeps unsolved. Peter tells him that it a problem lots of students are having and the dean is in the mood to fix as soon as possible. In fact the dean ordered the registry officer, Harvey McNamara, to finish all admissions in a rush and so he is spending the night at his office in the ESU. There he is assaulted by the Foolkiller and escapes the death thanks to Spider-man. But the Foolkiller escapes and arrives to his truck. There he remembers in a flashback his past jail times in company of Richard Rory, who told him about the first Foolkiller. The evening after Spider-man meets Greg Salinger and worries about the fact that this boy makes his Spider-sense activate and deactivate randomly. Soon he talks with Debra Whitman, who was slighted by Greg minutes before, and Peter suspects Greg might be the Foolkiller.


The Empire State University mail room

His suspects get confirmed soon when he meets the Foolkiller in the Mail Room of the ESU, where he had told him that one letter he had sent and never arrived destination may have been lost, as usually happens due to these people's known incompetence. Spider-man and the Foolkiller fight each other and the latter loses and escapes.

He meets an old woman in the street who tells him he is a fool and the Foolkiller tries to commit suicide but Spidey stops him.

Lou Caldwell and his partner Sam first appeared in Peter Parker the spectacular Spider-man #59, but they were not named.

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