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Spidey breaks into Ryker's Island to learn why super-powered criminals keep breaking out with such ease. Once there, he changes to Peter and spots Grey Gargoyle. Jonas Harrow, and Armond DuBroth staging a breakout. Pete takes their picture but causes a commotion that brings the guards, who arrest him for trespassing and confiscate his camera. The thugs return to their cells and a guard brings the camera to the Warden's office, but it is stolen by a custodian who pawns it in the City. The next morning. Matt Murdock defends Peter, only DuBroth fingers Peter as the ringleader, although it is actually DuBroth, who has a hold over the prison warden, who is arranging the escapes. When JJJ refuses to post bail. Pete is sent back to Ryker's. Matt learns the camera is gone and Aunt May posts bail. Smitty. the pawn shop owner, uses the camera to take a picture of his grandson. At his apartment. Peter learns his neighbor Lonesome Pinky has a singing gig. Later, Spidey returns to Ryker's. sees Gargoyle and Harrow escaping, and follows them to the pawn shop where they fight. Harrow destroys the camera but Smitty had already pulled the film, and gives it to Spidey.

  • Given that Matt Murdock defends Peter at his hearing, and given the former's super-sensitive hearing and his previous encounters with Spider-Man, it's highly likely that Murdock learns Peter's other identity. Of course, respect (not to mention attorney-client privilege) makes him keep this to himself.

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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