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Mud-Thing, the combined form of Sandman and Hydro-Man. attacks Spider-Man. knocks him out. and lumbers off. Pete brings the photos to JJJ. who scoffs at the grainy images. Joe Robertson rushes in with news of a giant rampaging through downtown. Sadie is back at her apartment, when Mud-Thing crashes through the wall, followed by Spidey. The creature picks her up and exits the building. A week later, Matt Murdock successfully argues on Sadie's behalf in court and Mud-Thing is released into her custody. Travis Rave, an agent who wants to represent her. approaches Sadie. They put together a Mud-Thing show at a Broadway theatre and opening night is a success, until Mud-Thing witnesses Sadie kissing Travis. It goes berserk, rampages through the theatre and climbs a building carrying Sadie. Police helicopters douse it with a special chemical causing it to dry up and crumble. Spidey snatches Sadie as she falls, and the cops scoop up the mess.

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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