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Immediately after Spidey foils the Barney Wicker assassination attempt. Hydro-Man emerges from the water tower, and dives down a drain pipe. Spidey grabs his clothes from the bridge, eventually heading to a movie theater where he runs into Deb Whitman and Biff Rifkin. who offhandedly reveals the movie's surprise ending. At Duffy's Pub, Sandman has a beer with barfly and Hydro-Man's dame, Sadie Frickett. Hydro-Man spots them together. At his apartment, Peter can no longer endure the music from next door. He punches a hole in the wall discovering the singer is not his cowboy-hatted neighbor but the quiet, bearded businessman. At Duffy's, Sandman and Hydro-Man fight over Sadie, who convinces them to share her. The three go on the town with Sandman stealing a TV set and Hydro-Man stealing a fur coat for her. At the Bugle, Pete gets a tip on the pub fight and heads there as Spidey. He bursts in on the bickering super-villains at Sadie's apartment, taking them both on. The brawl winds up at the docks where both villains dive at Spidey. and wind up in the river. Exhausted, Spidey collapses, only to witness a combined sandwater muck creature rise from the river.

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Hydro appeared last in Amazing Spider-Man #212

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