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Still reeling from the Wizard's tracer gun, Spidey and Namor are easy prey for the Frightful Four. A couple of police choppers appear in the air and the villains scatter. Both weakened, Namor flies off to Atlantis while Spidey returns to his hotel, changes, and heads over to Deb Whitman's place, collapsing on her couch. The next day he looks for his gorgeous neighbor while, in Atlantis. Lord Vashti examines Namor. who has a buzzing in his head. Spidey locates the mystery woman only to be clobbered by Sandman. He awakens to find the Wizard has strapped an antigrav device to him. sending him aloft. Fortunately. Namor snags Spidey high over Manhattan. They locate the Frightful Four in the hotel and defeat them. Realizing the Wizard's spider-sense tracer gun transferred Spidey's spider-sense to Namor, the pair head to the Baxter Building where Reed Richards transfers it back. Spidey returns to his neighbor's hotel room where she reveals herself as Llyra. and tries to knife him. Namor arrives, knocks Llyra out and returns her to Atlantis, as Spidey heads back to Deb's.

Also contains the Hostess Cup Cake advert story "Blown About" starring Human Torch verses Blow Dryer.

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