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Continued from last issue... Spider-Man has interrupted one of Dr. Faustus's criminal schemes. However, Faustus uses his hypnotic and hallucinogenic gasses to make Spider-Man believe that he's being attacked by a group of his old foes. Faustus makes the illusions disappear, and Spider-Man's exposure to the gas makes him mailable to Faustus's will.

As Mary Jane helps Liz Allan find a wedding dress and the Burglar who shot Ben Parker all those years ago plans to buy the old Parker house, Spider-Man's talents are used to help Faustus break into a secret lab and get past the defenses. Getting past the defenses Spider-Man learns that Faustus intends to inject a hallucinogenic drug into the flu vaccine and make everyone in the city his slaves. Being in the sterile environment where the vaccine is being stored and being under the air circulators, Spider-Man manages to shake off the effects of the hypnosis. Spider-Man then makes short work of Faustus and his men and then sets off the alarm, leaving Faustus and his men to be collected by the police.

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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