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Continued from last issue... The Smasher is sent out to capture Joe Robertson, the one man resourceful enough to uncover dirt on Richard Raleigh. Spider-Man arrives in time to stop the creature from capturing Robertson, and leads the monster on a chase through the city, until he can escape. Resuming his guise of Peter Parker, Spider-Man joins Harry, Gwen and Mary Jane in driving a campaign truck for Raleigh's campaign. It's soon attacked by the Smasher. Everyone gets out safely before the Smasher destroys the truck, but a furious Peter Parker storms off after the monster, changing into Spider-Man to stop the Smasher once and for all.

With a spider-tracer, Spider-Man tracks the Smasher back to the Disruptor's lair, where the Disruptor over-uses the control device on Smasher, causing the beast to go berserk, killing the Disruptor with but one blow. Spider-Man fights the monster until it overloads and dies itself. In the aftermath of the battle, Spider-Man unmasks the Disruptor and learns that it's really Raleigh in disguise. He leaves the scene when the police arrive, and Jonah and Robertson discover the body of Raleigh, Jameson remains unconvinced that Raleigh was involved in any criminal activity, and intends on writing one of his usual anti-Spider-Man editorials for the Bugle's next edition.

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  • This is it! The way-out wind-up, as Spidey takes on both the deadly Disruptor — and the lethally-strong Smasher! A thrill on every page!

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