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Appearing in "Vengeance from Vietnam!"Edit

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


Other Characters:

  • Sha Shan (First appearance) (Only in flashback)




Synopsis for "Vengeance from Vietnam!"Edit

Continued from last issue... Watching Flash Thompson being led into a car by military personnel, Spider-Man finds something wrong and decides to follow them. The car that he's following is then attacked by followers of the Monks of the Light, and their leader the Giant One. Spider-Man gets in the middle and manages to defeat them all, web up the followers, however the Giant One manages to escape. Grabbing Flash and bringing him to a safe location, Flash tells Spider-Man the reason why the followers of the Monks of the Light were after him:
While fighting in Vietnam, Flash was injured in combat and stumbled across the hidden temple of the followers. There the peaceful monks patched up Flash and he soon fell in love with the elder's daughter Sha-Shan. However, returning to his unit he learned that the military planned to bomb the sector where the temple was located. Horrified, Flash went to go and warn them, however he could not convince them to leave their home and they apparently became victims of the air strike, their temple destroyed. Flash would ultimately blamed for the bombing and be followed by strange men. Finishing his story, Flash explains that is why he is under military protection. Spider-Man takes him the rest of the way to the Federal Building where he was to be taken.

Returning to his apartment, he finds Aunt May and Harry Osborn there and they've almost stumbled upon his secret identity when May happens on a spilled vial of Peter's web fluid. Using an excuse to explain the strange goo, Peter talks Aunt May out of cleaning it up. Gwen shows up and tells Peter about Flash being in military custody, and he agrees to accompany her to the Federal Building to see Flash. There Peter happens to spot the Giant One also waiting in the lobby, telling Gwen that he has to take pictures for the Bugle, Peter slips away and tags the Giant One with a spider-tracer. However, a bomb goes off knocking out the buildings lights. With no time to change into Spider-Man and hoping the darkness can cover him, Peter fights off the Giant One and his goons. The Giant One tosses Peter aside and tells him they will get their revenge against Thompson whenever they see fit.

When Peter tries to go off after them, Gwen stops him, calling him on the fact that everyone thinks him a coward. Peter is left in a bind: how does he go after Flash's attackers without revealing that he's really Spider-Man?

This story is continued next issue...

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    Solicit Synopsis:
  • Spidey fights his greatest battle- to save Flash Thompson from a sinister Death-Cult! And then - but see for yourself, pilgrim!

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