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Amazing Spider-Man Annual Vol 1 16


Amazing Spider-Man Annual Vol 1 16

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Appearing in "Who's That Lady?"Edit

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Synopsis for "Who's That Lady?"Edit

Peter awaits Harry and Liz Osborn at the Port Authority Bus Terminal when he spots Monica Rambeau, and is drawn to her by his spider-sense. On the street, two muggers accost Monica, but she defeats them with her powers before Pete can act, then flies off to the Empire State Building's observation deck.

Seeking a way to stabilize her power, Monica heads towards the Baxter Building, with Spidey tracking her. Once there, Monica meets the Thing, who directs her to the Avengers. Arriving at Avengers Mansion, Monica accidentally shocks Iron Man unconscious. Spidey shows up, sends Jarvis for help, and, believing Monica to be a threat, knocks her out. The Wasp and a recovered Iron Man correct his impression. Iron Man then uses his armor to siphon off some of Monica's power, stabilizing her. The Thing arrives to find the Avengers welcoming Captain Marvel. Peter returns to the Port Authority in time to meet the just-arriving Harry and Liz.

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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