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Quote1 I shall bring you--peace! As I have brought so many others before you--Thus has it ever been-- Thus must it ever be! Quote2
-- Death

Appearing in "The Terror of Tim Boo Ba"Edit

Featured Characters:


  • Tim Boo Ba's Home World

Synopsis for "The Terror of Tim Boo Ba"Edit

Amazing Adult Fantasy Vol 1 9 002
This story has the same theme as the Ditko stories in Tales of Suspense #9 & Tales of Suspense #13,Tales to Astonish #18. Alien warlord Tim Boo Ba is master of all he surveys but is wiped out in a torrential flood when an Earth boy drips water on the small scale model that is Tim Boo Ba's home planet.

Appearing in "The Man Who Captured Death!"Edit

Featured Characters:

  • Old Man

Other Characters:


Synopsis for "The Man Who Captured Death!"Edit

Amazing Adult Fantasy Vol 1 9 009
This story contains plot elements that will appear again in Thor Vol 1 190 when Odin slays Hela. An old man builds a machine to freeze Death in his tracks since he is unwilling to go when he has so much more left to accomplish. With Death removed from the picture, the Earth becomes a shambles. Insects and microbes do not die, and the sick and injured gain no release from their suffering. The old man realizes how selfish he has been, and switches the machine off, joining Death willingly.

Appearing in "I Come from the Black Void"Edit

Featured Characters:

  • Xenian Ambassador


Synopsis for "I Come from the Black Void"Edit

Amazing Adult Fantasy Vol 1 9 015
An alien ambassador finds his offer of diplomatic relations shunned and ridiculed. Perplexed, he enters his space ship and leaves Earth, unaware that the day he had landed was April 1st.

Appearing in "The Spirit of Swami River"Edit

Featured Characters:

Other Characters:


Synopsis for "The Spirit of Swami River"Edit

Amazing Adult Fantasy Vol 1 9 019
A swami crook steals money from gullible widows with his fake act until he promises to deliver money to a dead husband's spirit and the swami is surprised to find himself disappearing when the real spirit holds him to his word.

Appearing in "The Genie Lives"Edit

Featured Characters:

  • Davey (First appearance)

Supporting Characters:

Synopsis for "The Genie Lives"Edit

Amazing Adult Fantasy Vol 1 9 027
A boy finds a book with a spell for summoning up a genie. He reads the words aloud and is astonished when a genie actually appears. The genie can grant any wish the boy thinks of. He wishes himself a giant and that everything other than Earth disappear so he will be the greatest of all. When the Earth begins to careen he realizes that without everything else, Earth no longer has its place in gravitational attraction and will be destroyed. He panics, and wishes that "everything was back the way it was right before I found you." The genie obliges, and the last panel of the story is identical to the first, giving the reader the impression that the boy is doomed to live out an infinite loop of a few events for eternity.

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