Quote1 We are Krills, from the ninth galaxy! Our huge war fleet waits beyond earth's atmosphere for our signal to strike! Quote2
-- Krill

Appearing in "The Coming of the Krills!"Edit

Featured Characters:

  • Unnamed Radar Technician



Synopsis for "The Coming of the Krills!"Edit

Amazing Adult Fantasy Vol 1 8 002
An extraterrestrial special forces unit infiltrates a remote radar outpost in Canada. The outpost is manned by two people: Lou and the unnamed hero of the story. Lou is growing tired of the loneliness of the job, but his partner recognizes the importance of their work. The aliens break into the outpost, taking the men prisoner and revealing themselves as the Krill from the Ninth Galaxy. Their mission is to destroy Earth's radar capabilities so their war fleet massed in the planet's orbit can land and avoid humanity's atomic weapons. The Krill would rather bribe the men than kill them and offer them wealth and riches, eventually upping the ante to giving them the most beautiful women in the galaxy to marry. Lou accepts their offer but gets into a fistfight with our hero, who is then incapacitated by a Krill ray gun. The hero awakens from his paralysis and presses the alarm button while Lou screams in terror as he is shown his new bride: a Krill woman who, while beautiful to the Krill, is not easy on the eyes for a human. With the alarm sounded, the invasion is defeated.

Appearing in "Everyone Likes a... Ghost Story"Edit

Featured Characters:

Other Characters:


Synopsis for "Everyone Likes a... Ghost Story"Edit

Amazing Adult Fantasy Vol 1 8 009
A swindler buys a castle with the intention of faking it as a haunted attraction, but then he meets a real ghost and dies of heart failure thus ends up legitimately haunting the castle.

Appearing in "The Eyes of Edward Morgo"Edit

Featured Characters:


Synopsis for "The Eyes of Edward Morgo"Edit

Amazing Adult Fantasy Vol 1 8 015
A hypnotist replaces a movie theater's film real with a film of his performance intending to put the audience in a trance while he gets up and relieves them of their valuables. He's a better hypnotist than he thought as he succeeds in hypnotizing himself.

Appearing in "The Yo-Yo"Edit

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

Other Characters:


Synopsis for "The Yo-Yo"Edit

Amazing Adult Fantasy Vol 1 8 019
A child and his mother take a vacation in time visiting the spot where an ancestor lives. He mistakenly leaves his hi-tech toy yo-yo behind when he returns to the future and it is found and played with for a while by his father-to-be.

Appearing in "A Monster Among Us"Edit

Featured Characters:

  • Joe Next (First appearance)
  • Unidentified Alien Race

Supporting Characters: Other Characters:

  • National Guard


  • Spaceship

Synopsis for "A Monster Among Us"Edit

Amazing Adult Fantasy Vol 1 8 027
An alien ambassador lands on Earth and, because of its monstrous appearance, is driven away. It drops a note written in English before fleeing welcoming Earth to the brotherhood of planets and offering to abolish war, disease and poverty as benefits of membership in the galactic order.

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