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Quote1 In all the galaxy, no one has ever made an error such as this! I, of all the spies in the universe, have caught... myself! Quote2
-- Zankor

Appearing in "Why Won't They Believe Me?"Edit

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

Other Characters:

  • Police
  • Prof. Crater's Secretary



  • Spaceship's Log Book


  • Crashed Spaceship

Synopsis for "Why Won't They Believe Me?"Edit

Amazing Adult Fantasy Vol 1 7 002
A man comes upon a crashed alien spaceship and discovers a log book detailing plans for the alien spy to shapeshift into a human form upon landing. He panics and attempts to notify the police and army, but they scoff and tell him to go to the space agency, which he does. He shows the professor the log book and the professor pulls a gun on him. The man thinks it couldn't be possible that of all the millions on Earth he went straight to the alien spy in disguise. The professor denies he is the alien and holds out the log book which is written in a non-human language. "Only the alien could have read the contents of this book," he says. "You hit your head in the crash landing and temporarily forgot your identity."

Appearing in "The Last Man on Earth"Edit

Featured Characters:

  • Sidney Blake
Sidney Blake from Amazing Adult Fantasy Vol 1 7

Sidney Blake



  • Bomb Shelter

Synopsis for "The Last Man on Earth"Edit

Amazing Adult Fantasy Vol 1 7 009
Sidney Blake builds the most expensive bomb shelter on Earth. He has provisions for five years and instruments to tell him when nuclear explosions begin and cease and when fallout levels decrease to safely leave the shelter. The years drag on in the shelter when one day the alarm goes off. Large numbers of explosions are recorded and Sidney worries that life on Earth may be extinguished. When his instruments indicate safe conditions outside, he emerges only to find empty cities that have not been destroyed. When he returns bewildered to his bomb shelter he finds a note taped to the back of the hatch reading "Tried to contact you, couldn't. A new planet has been discovered that produces extended life spans. We have all blasted off in nuclear rockets to relocate there."

Appearing in "Witch Hunt"Edit

Featured Characters:

  • Ben (First appearance)
  • Sarah (First appearance)

Other Characters:

  • Witch Hunters



  • Stage Coach

Synopsis for "Witch Hunt"Edit

Amazing Adult Fantasy Vol 1 7 015
In Salem a woman is accused of being a witch. Her lover pleads her case and the jury finds her not guilty. While traveling to a minister to be wed, she is thrown from the carriage and injured. The man examines her and says she isn't seriously hurt but must be treated by a doctor within the hour to prevent it getting worse. She exclaims we can't get to a doctor in an hour. He says it is not impossible for someone who can ride a tree branch or broomstick. "You still don't believe I'm not a witch, despite what you said in the courtroom!" she cries, and he replies "Nonsense! I know YOU'RE not the witch." as he hops on the tree branch and speeds away.

Appearing in "Journey's End"Edit

Featured Characters:

  • Unnamed Thug

Other Characters:



  • Time Machine

Synopsis for "Journey's End"Edit

Amazing Adult Fantasy Vol 1 7 019
A thief kills a watchman and hears about a time machine invention and figures this would be the perfect way to escape the law. The machine works, sending him fifteen years into the past, but he is accosted on the street by a man who says he looks familiar and the thief panics and slugs him but he falls back and hits his head against the wall, killing him. The thief finds himself suddenly back in the warehouse where he committed his crime and the police apprehend him. He learns the person he slugged was the professor and when he died, the machine was never built so he could not have gone back in time. But he wonders from his jail cell "How did I go back in time when I found the professor's machine and it worked?"

Appearing in "The Icy Fingers of Fear"Edit

Featured Characters:

  • Unnamed Alien Race
    • Unnamed Alien Child
  • Bobby (First appearance)

Supporting Characters: Other Characters:



  • Toy Spaceship
  • Alien Toy


  • Spaceship

Synopsis for "The Icy Fingers of Fear"Edit

Amazing Adult Fantasy Vol 1 7 027
An alien space ship lands on Earth for the first time and they look like alien pro wrestlers, provoking apprehension among the human crowd. Their language is indecipherable, their gestures appear menacing, and the panicked human crowd suggests possible violent responses. A small child with a toy rocket is fascinated by the visitors and walks up from the crowd to the space ship hatch, where an alien child appears with a toy and the two children exchange toys, being free of the prejudices which cause adults to fear the unknown.

This issue was the first in the series to use the title "Amazing Adult Fantasy". The previous title was "Amazing Adventures".

See AlsoEdit

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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