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Quote1 You must not interfere with the past!! You DARE not! Quote2
-- The Professor

Appearing in "Those Who Change"Edit

Featured Characters:

  • Scientists
    • The Professor


  • Earth-Present Day and at the Dawn of Land Based creatures


  • Time Machine

Synopsis for "Those Who Change"Edit

Amazing Adult Fantasy Vol 1 10 002
A human colleague warns his friends to give up their dangerous time travel experiments lest they alter the entirety of recorded history. He leaves, and the two scientists scoff at his warning since they are unshaken in their belief that the past cannot be changed. They send a camera back to the earliest beginnings of life where it bonks a creature on the head that was just beginning to emerge from a tide pool knocking it back into the water. When they recover the camera in their present and examine its records, they state, "The professor was wrong! Nothing has changed! We knew that the present could never be affected by what happens in the past! And we were right, as usual!" (The last panel shows the two scientists are now reptilian creatures.)

Appearing in "The Mark of the Toad"Edit

Featured Characters:

Featured Antagonists:

Other Characters:

  • Gypsys


Synopsis for "The Mark of the Toad"Edit

Amazing Adult Fantasy Vol 1 10 009
A prince is intimidated by his acting regent uncle with a toad shape birthmark upon his brow who wants to be king. The regent finally gets the idea to bring the boy to gypsies to take away so that he can pretend the prince is dead and seize power. When he wakes the boy in the dead of night, the boy is frightened and refuses to be cowed into submission so the regent falls back upon his threat to use his black magic to transform the prince into a toad. However, the regent's spell backfires on him and the prince laughs at his new toad companion saying that "you forgot that fairy tales always have happy endings."

Appearing in "No Sign of Life"Edit

Featured Characters:

  • Ronn
Ronn from Amazing Adult Fantasy Vol 1 10


Other Characters:

  • Living Asteroids


Synopsis for "No Sign of Life"Edit

Amazing Adult Fantasy Vol 1 10 015
Puzzled space explorers are unable to detect any signs of life in an entire galaxy. They set for home frustrated that no colonies can be established there, not realizing that all the planets of that particular galaxy are living beings.

Appearing in "Man on a Tightrope"Edit

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

Other Characters:


Synopsis for "Man on a Tightrope"Edit

Amazing Adult Fantasy Vol 1 10 019
A circus owner's daughter is friends with a tightrope walker who's past his prime, but can't accept it. He continually asks the owner if he can take to the act just one last time, but the owner refuses because of his advanced age. When the regular tightrope walker doesn't make his show, he realizes this is his chance to get back into the spotlight and begs the owner to let him go out. He agrees, but the man's body fails him during the act and he falls into the net. The audience boos him, but the owner's daughter thinks it's all part of the show. She takes seriously ill with fever that hospitalizes her and calls out for the tightrope walker. The owner is astonished when he appears. They move her bed to the window overlooking two trees where the man suspends a wire and commences to perform the best show he's ever done. When the girl's fever breaks, the grateful doctor looks back to the window to discover the tightrope walker is gone, and the owner reveals that because of the injury sustained in his fall the tightrope walker died in his bed an hour earlier.

Appearing in "Mister Universe"Edit

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:

  • Unog (First appearance)

Other Characters:



  • Spaceship

Synopsis for "Mister Universe"Edit

Amazing Adult Fantasy Vol 1 10 027
A conceited jerk wins Mr. Earth and is contacted by aliens who wish him to enter a "Mister Universe" competition. He doesn't stop to ask what the prize is, but arrogantly accepts, figuring he can beat the other contestants even though they are even more bigger and muscle-bound than he is. It turns out the other contestants knew what the prize was and so they let the Earth representative win, as he is then turned into a living statue for all the universe to marvel at forever.

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks

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