Am, the Monster with a Soul, was a creation of serial writer Allan Slake who worked for WMGP.

One day in 1946 he was told by the program director to come up with an idea for a horror serial that was even greater than Frankenstein's Monster but was also believable. Slake's creation was Am, the Monster with a Soul, and it became the station's most popular serial, earning national broadcasts and captivating audiences across the United States. By some freak of nature, the collective fear and belief of the American public caused Am to materialize in the real world during one of the serial broadcasts. Am went on a rampage in the town where WMGP was located, killing any who got in his way.

Hearing this one the radio, the new Captain America and Bucky went into action to stop the creature's rampage. Hearing the reports himself, Slake did not want his creation to be destroyed and soon discovered that writing on his typewriter effected reality so far as the actions of Am were concerned. With his "telepathic typewriter" Slake commanded Am to defeat Captain America and Bucky and then return to his home. After making Am his slave, Slake sent the creature to kill a scientist who lived in a local observatory to allow Slake to take control of it and watch Am as he sent the creature on more rampages. When Captain America and Bucky interfered once more, Am knocked them out and brought Captain America back to his hideout under Allan's orders. Bucky followed the creature and freed Cap and the two heroes battled Am once more. The creature, becoming more hideous and powerful by the public's fear, easily defeated Cap and Bucky and then killed Slake. Am took the telepathic typewriter for himself, determined never to be controlled by anybody ever again.

Retreating, Am captured Daily Globe reporter Dorothy Roberts and secreted away to a nearby cave where he also hid the typewriter so that nobody else could control him. Dorothy managed to convince Am that the only way to stop himself from becoming more hideous was to do good deeds to change public opinion of him. Dorothy suggested that Am to bring local mobster Jigger Jones to justice. Am crashed Jigger's hideout and despite being opposed by Captain America and Bucky again he managed to escape with Jigger as his prisoner. Bringing Jigger back to his cave, Am demanded to know why he was still ugly. Jigger took advantage of the situation, convincing Am that the only way that Dorothy would ever love him was if he brought her jewels and money. Each cloudy night, Am accompanied Jigger and his mob in their zeppelin to rob local banks and jewel shops.

Growing frustrated with the fact he was becoming even more ugly, Am eventually snapped and slew Jigger and his gang just as Captain America and Bucky tracked the creature back to his hideout. Freeing Dorothy, they clashed with the monster once more telling Dorothy to find the typewriter and use it to kill the monster. Dorothy was reluctant to do so until the creature was posed to strike a killing blow on Captain America. Typing the words "Am Dies!" into the type writer caused Am to suddenly drop dead, falling down a pit. Captain America then tossed the type writer down with Am. As they left the cave they all agreed that the tortured monster indeed had a soul.


Am had super-human strength that seemed to increase proportionately based on the collective fear of all those who believed that he really existed. This collective fear also caused Am to become more and more hideous as well.


Am was vulnerable to whatever commands were typed into the "telepathic typewriter", a normal typewriter that somehow tapped into whatever power that brought Am into existence. One using the type writer could command Am to do whatever they wished, and it was even used to command him to die. Theoretically, whatever Am could do, or be was likely limited only to the imagination of the writer controlling the typewriter.

Other Telepathic Typewriter stories are seen in Tales Of Suspense#12(11/60)"The Monster In The Cellar"[1],Tales To Astonish#20(6/61)"X the Thing That Lived"[2]and Uncanny Tales#42(4/56)[3].The first 2 Monster stories with Telepathic Typewriters could be the same Typewriter as the one used to create Am.

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