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The father of Barbara Denton, Alvin Denton was once a successful lawyer who had a Manhattan apartment and a summer home in Vermont. His world came crashing down around him when his wife supposedly died in a tragic auto accident. In addition, his daughter and her fiance, Jack Norriss, joined a cult which worshiped the dread Dormammu. As a result, Denton found himself unable to concentrate on his work and slowly drained his savings in a drunken stupor[1].

He eventually became a homeless derelict in Manhattan, where he was present during the destruction of the being called Destiny which covered him in sparks, speeding up the realization of his own destiny[2]. He was later captured by the Enchantress and played the Harmonica of Destiny, wiping out reality as we know it in a fit of self-pity. The Thing and Valkyrie were able to defeat the Enchantress and the Executioner and to restore reality back to normal. Not, however, before Alvin's heart failed and he died[1].



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