Alveroz Monez was an explorer who decided to return to the United States from Africa with members of a tribe of savages known as the Bird-Men to use to seek power and wealth. He hired Benny the Beggar to mail letters threatening death to those who refused to pay him his money. When a mark would refuse to pay, he would send his minions to murder them, baffling police, and then rob the homes of the deceased the following night.

The story reached wealthy reporter Allan Lewis who, after being given a special gun that fired ice bullets by a scientist who was later murdered by Monez, became the costumed vigilante that would be later known as the Phantom Bullet. The Phantom Bullet tracked down Monez just after he had kidnapped the daughter of a wealthy woman. Being told of Monez's plot, the Phantom Bullet slayed his army of Bird-Men and shot Monez in the back, ending his crime wave.[1]


Monez carried a pistol.

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