Alslavia was a country that existed in Europe. In 1941 it became the target of the Nazis during World War II. Pressured to join the Nazis or face annihilation, the government of Alslavia sent out a plea for help to the Human Torch. The Torch and his partner Toro came to the aid of Alslavia, stopping the Nazi invaders and guaranteeing the countries continued independence[1]. Despite the assistance from the Human Torch, Alslavia remained neutral in the conflict.

However, by 1942 Alslavia could no longer maintain it's neutral stance in the war. As such, King Dane, ruler of Alslavia decided to side with the Allied Forces in the war effort. As a token of this union, King Dane turned over a royal ring studded with three rubies to American Ambassador John Lissom unaware that he was really the Nazi spy known as the Creeper. The Creeper attempted to abscond with the ring in the hopes of souring relations between Alslavia and the United States in the hope that the country would join with the Axis Powers. The Creeper's plot was exposed and thwarted by Captain America and Bucky who recovered the ring. In the aftermath of the plot, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt travelled to Alslavia to sign the union treaty[2].

The fate of Alslavia following the war is unknown.

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