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Alpha Flight Vol 1 8


Alpha Flight Vol 1 8

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Quote1 Ernest is dead, cheri. And if this country had a nice civilized death penalty you would join him. As it is you will be put away until your hair turns a more natural color...say...gray? Quote2
-- Aurora (Jeanne-Marie Beaubier) to Danielle Belmonde upon her arrest

Appearing in "Cold Hands Cold Heart"Edit

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  • Queen Elizabeth Hotel



Synopsis for "Cold Hands Cold Heart"Edit

Northstar is out for vengeance! His friend has been killed and his sister kidnapped by the villain, Deadly Ernest. He shoots through the sky at supersonic speeds before arriving at Ernest's mansion. Crashing trough the window, Northstar is surprised at first by the lack of security. He makes his way to Ernest's office and is surprised to find that his sister, Aurora, seems to be there of her own free will! Before he can say anything, he is knocked out from behind. Aurora tells Ernest that Northstar is her cousin.

When Northstar awakes he finds himself in a bedroom with a sword at his throat. A new hero, Nemesis, has entered the fray! Northstar explains to her who he is and the two join forces to fight Ernest. As the two escape the locked room, Deadly Ernest reveals his origins.

Ernest was a soldier during WW1. He found himself trapped in a trench with mustard gas descending upon him. Death approaches him, but Ernest fights her off and wins, granting him immortality. When a fellow soldier attempts to help him out of the pit, the soldier is killed instantly at Ernest's touch. This was the first manifestation of his new powers.

Before Ernest can reveal more, Northstar and Nemesis attack. Seeing the opportunity to end her ruse, Aurora joins them in the attack. Nemesis cuts off Ernest's arm and the fight is ended. Northstar pulls off Nemesis' mask and is shocked to find a familiar face (it's not revealed who she is in this book though). Nemesis knocks him out and Aurora allows her to leave.

Northstar and Aurora are next scene flying together to tie up some loose ends. They come upon Danielle Belmonde where Aurora reveals her to be Ernest's partner. Aurora knocks her out and Danielle is seen being taken under arrest by the police.

Appearing in "Origins of Alpha Flight: Genesis"Edit

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Synopsis for "Origins of Alpha Flight: Genesis"Edit

Years ago, the newlywed Hudsons visit Heather's old family fried Michael Twoyoungmen, now living out in the wilderness with a mysterious young woman called Narya, whom he has been raising since delivering her birth. At night, Heather witnesses Narya's transformation to an owl to hunt for a nighttime snack, leading to Michael confessing to the mystical nature of his activities over the last few years. Learning about their strange abilities, James offers them a place with Department H.

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