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Alpha Flight Vol 1 25


Alpha Flight Vol 1 25

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Quote1 Alpha Flight has more than its fair share of secrets. Tell me, if you can, what is to be considered truth, and what is not! Quote2
-- Northstar

Appearing in "Chapter One: ...And Graves Give Up Their Dead..."Edit

Featured Characters:

Supporting Characters:


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Synopsis for "Chapter One: ...And Graves Give Up Their Dead..."Edit

Northstar stands accused in front of the rest of Alpha Flight for the crimes of his past. In typical Northstar fashion, he isn't being cooperative in answering the questions of his teammates. In fact, he's downright combative about it. The hearing is cut short however when Puck enters the room. He claims there's a battle going on downtown between the villain Caliber, and someone who appears to be Guardian!

Talisman is on the scene and can confirm that the person fighting Caliber is indeed wearing the uniform of Guardian (Heather's dead husband). Talisman joins the fight and helps Guardian take Caliber down. When Heather arrives, Guardian assures her that he is in fact her lost husband, Mac. He kisses her to prove it and she faints.

When she awakes, Guardian has his mask off and does seem to be Mac. He goes in to explaining that, when she thought he had died, he had actually been teleported to one of Jupiter's moons. He passed out on the surface due to the lack of oxygen, but was saved by a race of fish-like creatures. These creatures put him in a ship and send him back to Earth. He rips off his uniform and reveals that, in order to save him, the alien fish guys had to turn him in to a cyborg!

  • Mantlo is credited with "creative kibbitzing".

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