Quote1 You left your bedroom window unlocked, Walter. That is an easy egress for one who can fly. As to what I am doing here, I have terminated my partnership with my brother, Northstar...and so I have come you! Quote2
-- Aurora (Jeanne-Marie Beaubier) to Sasquatch (Walter Langkowski)

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In New York, James Hudson prepares to move into a new apartment as part of the job with Roxxon he has accepted. While he wonders what the rest of Alpha Flight is up to, Walter Langkowski is running for his life from the Super-Skrull, who has decided to make sport of his kill in the isolated Rocky Mountain wilderness that was the site of the research station that retrieved him from space. The stress causes Walter to transform into a savage version of Sasquatch that begins to overpower the Super-Skrull until the Skrull employs his hypnotic powers to calm the beast. Sasquatch manages to avoid falling under complete dominance, but fakes it in order to wait for the right moment. The Skrull explains that he was previously beamed away from Earth and doesn't quite know how he ended up back there. He intends to force Sasquatch to help him build a new transmitter device to help him escape. Sasquatch notices that all the Skrull's time as a radioactive signal has left him with a form of leukemia that is killing him. In the guise of mind-control, Sasquatch helps construct the device until the Super-Skrull is hit with another attack from his disease, then forces the Skrull into the device and prematurely actives it, scattering his enemy's atoms into the ether, and if they were ever to re-integrate, he would die immediately from the radiation poisoning. Walter figures this is as good a revenge as any for the murder of his colleagues, but he doesn't like the more monstrous side of himself he's discovered.

When he returns to his home in Vancouver, Walter is surprised to be met by Aurora, who only wants to be with him after parting ways with her brother. Walter wonders how this news will hit the rest of the team.

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After Jeanne Beaubier joins Dept.H, Heather Hudson notices how much she resembles skiing champion Jean-Paul Martin, and a little bit of digging reveals that they are long lost twins. After the death of their parents, the Martins could only afford to adopt one of them and arranged for the school to look after Jeanne-Marie. When the Martins died in turn, the connection between the siblings was lost until now. Jean-Paul is brought in to Ottawa when he hears the news and immediately takes to using the Beaubier name. He meets with James Hudson, who reveals he knows about the champion's hidden power of flight and offers him a spot in the Department to put them to better use. Jean-Paul isn't interested at first, but changes his tune when introduced to the sister he never knew he had.

  • The Super-Skrull was last seen in Marvel Team-Up #62. He has been trapped in the form of a signal in the satellite system above the Skrull homeworld until it was destroyed by Galactus in Fantastic Four #257, which bounced his signal back towards Earth. A modified collector dish at the research station reintigrated his physical form in the previous issue.
  • The Super-Skrull does not remain scattered for long. He's next seen in Power Man and Iron Fist #111 in the guise of Captain Hero, though his identity isn't revealed until much later by retcon.
  • In the second story, Northstar's homosexuality is hinted at when James MacDonald Hudson says Northstar had women throwing themselves at him when he was a skiing star, but that they didn't seem to interest him much.

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