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Somewhere in Canada.
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The history of Alpha Flight prior to the major events of Earth-9997 remain largely unrevealed, however, it is presumable that their history (at least in terms of the first incarnation of the team) is similar in nature to that of their Earth-616 counterparts. If the team was disbanded at any point in its past, it at least reformed at some point as the team was active during the time the Skull was taking over America.
Also the entity going by the name of James Hudson, is an android. The facts regarding the fate of the true James Hudson remain unrevealed. As most of the nations of the world on Earth-9997 have turned over leadership to those beings who have had more experience with super-human abilities, it is unknown if any members of Alpha Flight were appointed to be leader of Canada, however it they were representing Canada when Captain America recruited an army comprised of super-beings from different nations in his effort to stop the Skull.
Present during this battle against the Skull were at least Alpha Flight members Guardian and Sasquatch were involved in Captain America's attack on the Skull in New York City. Following the defeat of the Skull, and the Celestials the members of Alpha Flight involved in the attack returned to Canada.
There they were charged with defending the Human Torch set up in Canada to burn the Terrigen Mist out of the air in the region. During the time in which the Church of Immortus was having the Torches destroyed, Alpha Flight defended theirs against the army of Wendigo (Jamie Maddrox) who attacked it. It is unknown who unleashed the Wendigo against Alpha Flight, or if their attack on the Torch was a random encounter.
Following the attack, most of the team (consisting of Sasquatch, Heather Hudson, the James Hudson android, Shaman, and Aurora) was killed by the army of Wendigo. Only Sasquatch managed to escape with the still functioning head of the Jame Hudson android. They were found by surviving members of the Moon Tribe who took them in.
There Sasquatch built a new body for James (based on the Moon Tribe physique) and learned that they're of the same genetic heritage of Wolverine, a being of animals that weren't genetically manipulated by the Celestials. Following this revelation, Saquatch and James Hudson's current activities or if they will reform Alpha Flight remain unknown.[citation needed]

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