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Murmur is a mutant who was mutated into pseudo-vampiric form by Emplate and made a member of his Hellions. Murmer battled Generation X alongside Gayle Edgerton, Vincente, D.O.A., and Bulwark.[1]

On the team's first strike against the young mutants, M let out a telepathic cry for help. Her cry was heard by Bishop of the X-Men, who came to her rescue.[2] Oddly enough, the mutant from the future had a connection to Emplate, as a group of parasitic mutants calling themselves the Emplates plagued Bishop's future timeline. This gave him the incentive he needed to rescue the teens in danger. Murmur left with his teammates after they were beaten.[3]

Murmur did not return with Emplate's gang the next time the villain tried to reclaim Penance as his possession.[4]

Murmur was depowered on M-Day.[5]


Completely wrapped in bandages, Murmur could open teleportation portals in space within his line of sight, had enhanced strength and durability (like all of the Emplate minions) and had a large mouth in chest.

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